“Book One:The Test begins as a young man arrives in a medieval kingdom seeking a crew for his mysterious ship.It is soon clear he is looking for something other than salty old sailors.”

“Book Two:The Journey ,the captain and his young students journey around the kingdom as he teaches them many subjects and the trails of life test their hearts and minds.”

“Book Three :Selection ,brings the group of travellers ,after many challenges ,to the moment of selection.The chosen five quickly discover that their adventures have just begun and ,a universe far beyond their knowledge awaits …”                    

“Book Four:Flight Training, the new crew of the little ship must learn countless lessons before they can visit far-away places without danger.”    

“Book Five:Back To The Stars, the setting is a long line of mysterious planets , all stranger than any story,that lie between the birth place of the young crew and their destination among the stars.”

“Book Six :Star Station our beloved characters find that stepping into a new civilisation can be very challenging.But occasionally, every one needs to come home   .”

“Book Seven:The Local Universe takes the story to a new level as the crew begins advanced training and real missions to solve serious universe problems that involve the fate of entire civilisations.”

“Anyone who finds a spelling , grammar ,punctuation or logic error or a bad website link , gets a free paperback book or a dramatic audiobook disc!”