Henry V was a man whose charm and military genius – and concern for his subjects – made him one of the most popular kings in English history.

Set in the lusty and tumultuous fifteenth century, this superb novel traces the brilliant career of the all-conquering victor of Agincourt.

Among the last of the great medieval rulers and the first of the ardent nation builders, Henry V is seen from several perspectives: his queen; his beautiful Welsh mistress, Morgan; his court jester, the fool; a comrade-in-arms; and his own point of view as both boy and man.

They illuminate the many sides of Henry V’s personality – the devil-may-care prince portrayed by Shakespeare, the bold hero of Agincourt, the husband of Katharine of Valois, and the warrior-peacemaker who welded England, Wales, and France into a single kingdom.

Martha Rofheart goes behind the textbook facade of history and tells the story of the real Henry, a man of fierce pride and strong passions, to discover how ‘Fortune Made His Sword’.

She describes how Henry won and lost the beautiful Morgan ab Owen and how he later found brief happiness in the arms of his young French Queen.

‘Fortune Made His Sword’ is a thrilling historical tale of adventure, endeavour and intrigue. It was originally published as ‘Cry “God for Harry”’.