After over 100 years, will the identity of the world’s most notorious serial killer finally be revealed…?

When freelance writer Ian Groves sets off to lead one of his Jack the Ripper tours, the last thing he expects is to be dragged into a dangerous and secretive conspiracy.

All his life, Ian has been desperate to unmask the Ripper’s true identity.

So when an elderly lady in his tour party claims to have information that will solve the century old mystery, Ian is eager to listen.

But within hours of their meeting, the woman turns up dead.

Any possibility of an unfortunate coincidence is destroyed when Ian is stabbed by a knife-wielding madman and only just escapes with his life.

But Ian is not someone who gives up easily and he sets about tracking down the old woman’s daughter, Lindsay.

The clues Lindsay provides are flimsy and puzzling but Ian’s determination to unravel the mystery win her over and together they embark on a whirlwind journey in search of the truth.

Criss-crossing Europe on the trail of bizarre clues and with a murderous gunman tracking their every move, Lindsay and Ian soon find themselves in mortal danger.

They are chased through Paris, Lisbon and Venice before arriving back in England to finally unlock the riddle of the Ripper.

But with the police now also hot on their tail, will they ever be able to solve The Whitechapel Secret?