Were things really better in the ‘good old days’.

The Victorian era is often thought of as an age of propriety, inventions and the British stiff upper lip.

However, in a world of extremes between the rich and poor, for most people it was often hellish, violent and filled with death.

In The Good Old Days she reveals exactly what it was like for those on the streets that history has forgotten.


The madame whose mysterious East End chambers were visited nightly by the aristocracy

The psychic who ‘solved’ the Jack the Ripper murders.

The conwoman, bigamist and murderer who left twenty-one bodies in her wake.The Lambeth Poisoner, sewer-hunters, oyster sellers and many other colourful characters.

O’Neill leads us through fog-bound streets into rat-infested slums, boozers, penny gaffs and brothels to expose the teeming underbelly of London in the reign of Queen Victoria.