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The Theatre Royal in Stratford has been the birthplace of many famous actors and directors, including the enigmatic and controversial Joan Littlewood.
This book is a straightforward and honest look at the history of this infamous theatre’s ups and downs through history.
With quotes from glaring critics, bitter directors, and faithful actors, it is a book that really recreates the entire history of the Theatre Royal.
This is a theatre that survived two world wars, a dearth of funds, many failed projects and many more failed plays.
It was Littlewood who saved the Theatre Royal, who made it a home for so many, and who carved herself indelibly into the modern theatre.
Fifteen years after Littlewood’s death her influence is everywhere, but nowhere more than at her old theatre.
This book charts the origins of the Theatre Royal, its rise to fame, its fall from grace, and its hopes for the future.