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Autism is still persistently viewed as a disorder or impairment, but this concept needs to be challenged. Written by a university lecturer with decades of experience in the field, this helpful book presents an up-to-date overview of autism and Asperger syndrome. Dr Luke Beardon examines aspects of adult life, including further and higher education, employment, dating and parenthood, and what they mean for autistic people. Autism and Asperger Syndrome in Adults is written for autistic children, teenagers and adults, their families and friends, and all professionals interested in autism.

Topics include:
· terminology and what’s preferred
· diagnosis and related issues
· tips for undiagnosed adults
· understanding the impact of autism on the individual
· sensory issues
· transition into adulthood
· friendships and intimate relationships
· the criminal justice system – what happens when autistic people break the law
In this sensitive and insightful book, Dr Luke Beardon tackles myths and stereotypes about autism, and clearly explains its implications in adulthood.