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Don’t believe every story you tell yourself….
Do you feel stuck and wish you were living in another story? You know the one, the story filled with happy relationships, where you love your career, and have a sense of purpose as you make a life filled with meaning!
StoryJacking is a seven-step guide to help you reclaim a fundamental truth: You are whole, capable, resourceful, and creative.
It explores the choices you make, the reactions and responses you have to the life you are living, and how the very way you view your life experiences, comes directly from the stories you are telling yourself.
Are you ready to get curious? What is your relationship to the stories you are telling yourself? StoryJacking offers a practical road map to the personal power that is yours to claim. It is your doorway into insightful self-awareness. Just by getting curious, you can shift your brain from fear into learning and create the life you want.
If you’re ready to tell yourself a new story, start here!”