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Fourteen years ago I bought Missy. She was incredible, had a bad attitude and she hated me. I immediately decided, buying Missy was the stupidest thing I’d ever done, until she talked to me. Missy first talked when she really wanted something, tried to get it herself and failed. In frustration, she turned to me and asked me to get it for her. When she asked, she said it clearly, in complete sentences. She was surprised that I understood and got it for her. I was amazed that she asked so clearly. I’ve paid attention ever since. Now, Missy talks all the time. Once I got more horses, I realized, they all talk. If we don’t notice, horses give up and don’t try to talk to us anymore. We can learn how horses think, processes information and talk.

I reject the term, “Breaking Horses”. I don’t want broken horses, so I don’t break them. I want spirited, intelligent, engaged horses. Breaking horses makes them anxious and reactive. Its archaic thinking, like controlling a wife was in the 50’s. This book explains how I lead, with respect, between me and my horses, as their leader. My horses trust me to lead. Yours will too.

This book explains….

– How I talk to horses. How anyone can, if you learn how horses think and speak.
– How to earn your respected position in their herd, as their Leader.
– How to fix incorrect or ill behavior, by telling them, “Wrong answer. Find a better answer.” How to show your horse what you want, have them trust you, become brave, and try.
– How to become confi dent and share that confidence with your horse, without arrogance. How to interpret what your horse is saying, by what your horse is showing you.
– How to help an abused horse overcome PTSD, learn to trust and feel safe with you.
– How to turn a reactive brain off, turn their thinking brain on, so they can respond and not react. How to read your horse’s ears, because ears say as much as their eyes say.
– How to approach a horse, who sees you with one eye, ask them for two eyes, and why it matters. How a horse’s brain is different than a human’s and what that means while you work with them.

”May your Horse ‘want to’ be with you”

Margo’s an Author, Horse Trainer & Spotted Saddle Horse Breeder, Musician and Screenwriter in Tennessee, with eight horses, a bunch of goats, two dogs, and one really bossy cat.