Just as we watch a bird fly across the sky, we can observe our thoughts and feelings simply and clearly. How can we live in relationships without conflict? Do we feel unsettled and long for peace within? How can we find love in our lives, and be happy? Is it possible not to be emotionally hurt?
The answers to these and other questions can be found through a deeper understanding of how our minds work, by observing our thoughts and feelings as they arise in us, and then exploring what lies behind them. We are educated to understand the world around us, but not ourselves and this is responsible for many of our problems.
This book enables you to understand yourself clearly, and with this clarity of insight, problems can dissolve. Understanding ourselves helps us to understand others because, despite our apparent differences, and hidden from our awareness, the human mind functions in the same way in everyone. This realisation can transform our relationships and also lead to wisdom and resilience, on which our happiness depends.